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  About The Editor

Growing up as a bibliophile, I was always happiest with a book in my hands, leafing through pages as authors took me on whirlwind adventures. Even while pursuing a career in education, I knew that I wanted to help authors create enthralling adventures like the ones I grew up with.

Since 2016, I've been editing for clients across the globe, guiding them towards their best writing without losing their voice. 

My experience spans multiple genres in both fiction and nonfiction, with the majority of my career being spent editing children's books and fiction novels.

When I'm not editing, I can be found reading on my couch with a steaming cup of coffee in hand.

My Services

From $0.027 USD per word
From $0.018 USD per word
Alpha/Beta Reading
From $0.0027 USD per word
I provide a 2-page sample edit for projects over 10,000 words

A 20% deposit is required to secure your spot in my schedule


"Working with Sarina gives me peace of mind. As a designer handling mass amounts of client content as well as my own, I work with Sarina to get it done right! No matter how much time I spend on a piece, Sarina can always make it better. Her suggestions keep the voice and personality of the content but make it flow and read easy. I have entrusted her with my and my clients' content on a consistent basis and she is an incredible asset to my business! She takes the proofing pain away!"

Monica Orto, owner of Onthentic Design

"Sarina has been a dream to work with - fast, responsive, professional with the perfect touch of editing that wasn't heavy handed with the work (which is SO vital for poetry!)"

Gwyneth Lesley, author of A Lifetime Kind of Love

"Sarina has far and away exceeded my expectations. Her work was incredible and her ability to catch repetition and also offer clarity to the overall theme of the book was remarkable. The text is no longer riddled with errors and reads concisely and easily. She also communicates so well and delivered faster than I expected. I will definitely come to her for any and all of my editing needs in the future. Thank you for helping me make my first book special!"

Ridwan Hassen, author of The Path to Financial Freedom

"Sarina was quick, communicated her action plan early on, and then executed it flawlessly ahead of schedule. She polished up my bio exactly how I'd envisioned. I hope to work with her again in the near future."

Roxanne B

"Sarina was a pleasure to work with and very professional. I hired Sarina to edit my 153,000 word sci-fi/fantasy novel. She tackled this project without batting an eye and has worked hard to correct my horrible grammar. I am very pleased that I hired her and I suggest you do the same!

Sean W

"Great attention to detail, prompt and efficient. Finding that balance between good technical grammar and eloquent communication is difficult, and I believe that she nailed it."

Jeff S

More Testimonials

"Sarina was extremely diligent in her assistance with my project. She did an awesome job communicating and followed up with me every step of the way. She was very kind and patient and gave insightful and thought provoking feedback. I highly recommend her services!"

Rochelle W

"Sarina is truly an asset. It was a pleasure to work with her over the last few months. She is very professional and accountable for her work. She communicates well and adheres to deadlines. She has been one of the most reliable freelancers that I have ever worked with."

Zakhar I, owner of Soul and Lane

"Sarina is a fantastic proofreader / editor. She knows her stuff, and provides well thought out advice and feedback. She was responsive and worked with our tight, sporadic deadlines. I'd highly recommend working with her to anyone looking for an absolute pro and I'll definitely work with her again when the need arises."

Doug C

"I hired Sarina to help with 3 short essays that needed to be cleaned up. I am a super amateur writer and was a little self-conscious to engage a professional to help. I contacted a few editors and Sarina was by far the most responsive and professional. Her turn around time was exceptional and her tips and suggestions are on my mind as I continue to write. I can't recommend her enough and will continue to refer her and leverage her expertise in the future. Thanks Sarina!

Matthew M


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